General Donation
Sponsor a Bhagavad Gita!
Donating lord Krishna’s message in the form of bhagavad-gita is a glorious activity to get spiritual advancement and the Lord’s blessings. You can sponsor Bhagavad-gitas which we will distribute to students, poor people, or place them in prisons,colleges,schools and libraries on your behalf. This donation scheme starts from Rs. 555/-. You can sponsor any number of books. Bhagavad-gita is available in our stock in Bengali, Hindi, English, etc. The name of the sponsor will be printed in the books and it will not be for sale. Donating Gita especially in the name of dear departed benefits the departed soul unlimitedly.
Contribution Amount :-
  • • 4,050.00-- 27 Bhagavad Gitas
  • • 8,100.00 -- 54 Bhagavad Gitas
  • • 16,200.00 -- 108 Bhagavad Gitas
  • • 32,400.00 -- 216 Bhagavad Gitas
  • • 151,200.00 -- 1008 Bhagavad Gitas
For more details please contact :
PHONE NO. : 06784-251730
Mob - 9040200454 / 8018146056 / 9437264454
E mail : or
How Do I donate ?
By Cash deposit — Please go to the following Bank and deposit your donation
Payable at: Bhadrak
A/C No.: 385902010005631
IFSC Code: UBIN0538591

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