This ISKCON center was established on 26 September 1977 at Kuansh, Bhadrak, Orissa 756100, on land with a pre-existing temple building and deities as mentioned below at the above address that was donated by Hare Krushna Mohanty. Atmatattva Das was the first Branch President. After two years the property was given over to the management of the Sri Varshabhanavi Gaudiya Math and Bhakti Vikas Mahayogi Maharaj was managing the affairs until 17 September 1998. Later there was a court case between ISKCON and the Sri Varshabhanavi Gaudiya Math, which ISKCON won in 1991. In 1998 ISKCON obtained the record of right over the property & managing the center since then. Sri Varshabhanavi Gaudiya Math vacated the premises but Mahayogi Maharaj continue his staying until 2002 . While Mahayogi Maharaj was staying there his deity of Sri Gour was also being worshiped at the center, but when he left he took that deity with him. But until this day the temple is still known as Gour Gopal Mandir. From 17.09.1998, Purnachandra Gour Das was the President. In approximately 2003 Nanda GopaSuta Das became the President. Indranilamadhav Das was the President for a short time during 2005, and he was replaced by Udar Nitai Das, who served as President from 2005 March until 4 December 2010. Radha Shyamasundara Das has served as President from December 2010 to 20 April 2014.Since then Purnachandra Gour Das is serving as President for the second time.

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